Technology Quest – These Scouts are our future!

Technology has become so much a part of our lives – it’s surprising that we aren’t close cousins to The Borg! :-O

Here at Jamboree one of the main attractions was an area called Technology Quest. There are students from Michigan Tech University who call themselves “Mindbenders” who were taking science and making it both fun and real for our Scouts!

Hey! Who put this balloon in my spaghetti??

When a rubber balloon filled with air is submerged in liquid nitrogen it shrinks the molecules and air because they move closer together when they’re SUPER-cold. So–the balloon shrinks. However, as its taken out and heats back up in normal air–the balloon rapidly re-inflates…. “Like magic!”

Also, they were taking graham crackers and dipping them into liquid nitrogen for a few seconds and then draining them. When the Scouts put the crackers in their mouth the crackers are still so cold that smoke comes out of their mouth and nostrils. So they were making “Dragon Breath!”

All I need is a pair of num-chucks and a Gi and I'm set to be in a kung-fu movie!!

Oobleck – is a “non-newtonian fluid.” Which in lay-terms means that it’s a liquid, but when it is met with force it becomes solid. The pictures below are of Oobleck made by combining 1o pounds of cornstarch with 1 gallon of water (hope I have the proportions right).

So, Scouts got the opportunity to “walk on water”….that is if they were quick enough…! (stand still & you sink!)

Why does this make me crave pancakes?

...what happens if I think of Buddah and not Jesus....?

Also, Scouts got the chance to drive a “robotic car.” Each Scout could drive in a circle until they struck the orange cone in the middle of the circle of hay-bails. (The average drive/ride time was about 42 seconds!)

This is a lot harder than video games!

There were also displays by NASA, Lego-with a $30,000 robotic chess set that the boys could help with a game, displays on solar power and much more!

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2 Responses to Technology Quest – These Scouts are our future!

  1. JC says:

    Hi Chris and LFC! Thanks for the great write-up on TQ 2010. We were wondering if we could use some of your great photos here for our TQ2013 website?
    Thanks, and we’ll see you at the Summit!
    Yours in Scouting, JC of TQ

  2. Doug Cook says:

    You are welcome to use any image you wish for the purposes of promoting Scouting.
    Chris took some great pics for us.

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