Venturing and the 2013 National Scout Jamboree

For the first time Venturers can attend the National Scout Jamboree as participants.  Previous Jamborees allowed Venturers to experience the Jamboree only as staff.  For 2013, Venturers can attend as a staffer or in a contingent crew blazing a new trail into Scouting’s next 100 years.

Go with a Venturing Crew or as a Scout in a Troop from our council

There are several new venues to appear at the next Jamboree.  One item includes shooting sports.  Previous jamborees at Fort AP Hill could not host shooting activities due to military base rules.  At the Summit Bechtel Reserve, we have plenty of room.


One activity that will be Venturer only includes pistol shooting with over 50 stations of calibers ranging form .22 to 9 mm. Scouts and Venturers can then challenge themselves with rifle shooting which includes .223, .308 venues. Shotgun activities include trap, sporting and compact clay targets.  An enhanced Archery activity center with over 50 stations including 10, 15 and 90 meter ranges and two 3-D archery trails with 18 stations each.

Imagine the thrill of a zip line thousands of feet long in the first “quiet run” dual zip line layout title Adventure Valley.  The run will span the canopy of the forest introducing you to the ecology of life up in the trees.

Additional adventure for Scouts and Venturers include:

  • White Water Rafting, kayaking and paddleboard fun
  • Numerous Rock Climbing and Rappelling activities with 107 belay stations
  • BMX Extreme with tracks for training, downhill, jumps and racing skills
  • Skateboarding with 5,500 sq ft skills assessment course and a 15,000 sq ft skate plaza and a 13,000 sq ft skate park.  Vertical ramps, bowls and beginner and intermediate skills are included.
  • Three 1 km Mountain Bike Trails, a pump track and obstacle course with trails ranging from beginner (green), intermediate (blue) and advanced (black).
  • Discover the Mayhem Mountain disc golf course.
  • Water Reality program in the aquatics area simulates an water obstacle course similar to the ABC show “Wipeout”.  In addition, Sea Scouts will be putting together a Mariner’s Adventure.  Dragon Boats will race 2 groups of 20 paddlers in a timed format.

The greatest fun will enjoying the fellowship of Venturers from all over the US and the world in the Venturing subcamp.

The participant fee for 2013 is just $1500 which includes the cost of transportation.

So what is the fun of being a staffer at a Jamboree?

Scout leaders for official contingent troops work a solid 15 day and night schedule looking after their troops.  As a staffer, you work a regular work day.  At the end of your shift, you have no big responsibilities.  Most staffers work a day then get the next day off for fun.

Venturer staffers can still network with some of the nation’s best Venturers and Venturing leaders and see and experience nearly all the fun others have.  They can experience the event at a reduced rate which does not include travel to and from the event.

In 2010 the Venturing Mine exhibit was a popular attraction with Scouts in the only air conditioned simulated underground adventure.

The staff fee for Venturers (and adults under age 25) will be $425. Transportation is not included in this figure.

Explore Jamboree opportunities as a participant or on staff using the above header bar links.

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