Jamboree “Metro 1” Troop has first meeting

Over 30 Jamboree Scouts and their parents joined Scoutmaster Tod Bryant and his Assistant Scoutmasters for the first official meeting of the “metro 1*” Jamboree Troop. The Troop is one of four Troops that will be traveling from Oklahoma to the 2013 National Scout Jamboree in July of 2013. Jamboree Troops are temporary units that are formed specifically for Jamboree and are comprised of Scouts from all over the Last Frontier Council. The metro 1 Troop has Scouts representing 11 different Troops.

The purpose of this first meeting was to let the Scouts learn a little bit about each other since most have never met previously, learn more about Jamboree activities and answer questions about Jamboree. The meeting was also a great chance for the Scout parents to meet the Troop adult leadership and get plugged in to help with the process.

Of course being a Boy Scout Troop also means being Scout led, Mr. Bryant discussed with the Scouts the many leadership opportunities that will be available to them before and during Jamboree.

The Scouts were asked during the introduction to mention one thing they are most excited about when looking forward to Jamboree. Scouts mentioned:  “Zip lines!” “Mountain biking” “Shooting sports” “Airsoft” “Water Sports” “Being away two weeks” “Spending time with Scout friends” and more. It was clear these guys are keeping up with the amazing things going on at The Summit.

The Last Frontier Council currently has 4 full Troops consisting of 36 Scouts and 4 adult leaders as well and 2 Venturing Crews planning to attend the 2013 National Scout Jamboree. This represents over 170 area youth and is one of the largest contingents in the history of the Council. These Troops and Crews will meet several times between now and July 2013 to prepare.

Not signed up yet? While it is true the current Troops are full, there is a working waiting list in case conflicts result in a Scout dropping out and there is discussion about possibly adding a 5th Troop. We would encourage you to get on the list so you can have a chance to attend as well.

The 2013 National Scout Jamboree—Go Big! Get Wild!

*official Troop # to be assigned soon

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