A Few Slots are Open for Participants, Leaders and Staff – A New Map

Troops and crews are readying for this summer’s event.  A few slots have opened for Scouts and Venturers still wanting to attend.

Youth participants can sign up now at the Scout and Venturer Signup button for instructions. 

Opportunities are open as well for the Third Assistant Scoutmaster position on the troop leadership.  Preferred candidates are ages 18 to 25 but the position will be open to all BSA registered adults if unfilled.  Click on the Leader Application button above.

Staff positions are open too.  This can allow a BSA registered adult to experience the Jamboree as a volunteer like their sons and daughters.  Click on the Staff button above for more information.

New Map

As plans continue, details on The Summit maps are changing.  New donors and venue locations are set in this map which may continue to change.  Click on the map for a full size PDF.

SBR BaseMap mini

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