2013 Jamboree Council Strips Debut!


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For the first time, a collectors edition of eight Jamboree council shoulder patches (CSP’s) are available to collectors as well as Last Frontier Council Jamboree participants, leaders, staff.  This set is in commemoration of the 2013 National Scout Jamboree to be held at The Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia in July.

The theme for the 2013 Jamboree is reflects our motto “Be Prepared” with respect to Oklahoma weather.  Six custom CSP’s represents an element of Oklahoma weather seen by most of us: Lightning, wildfire, tornado, ice storm, flood and drought. Scouts have been there to offer assistance in helping their neighbors when disasters strike.

This collectors set includes a center back patch around which all 7 shoulder patches surround.

The center patch has a radar graphic pulled from radar data of the famous May 3, 1999 F5 tornado that struck central Oklahoma.  Weather symbols line the perimeter and match the motif of each CSP.

The wind turbine and oil rig depict the energy of our state.

Centered among the backpatch theme lies a special 75th anniversary Manu Lodge pocket flap patch.  Inside the red zone likes an hidden image of the American bison (the spirit buffalo) racing along – the totem of the lodge which is the name of our chapter in the Order of the Arrow.

This limited edition run has only 100 sets available for collectors.  Order yours today for just $99.99 plus shipping!  A maximum of 5 sets per person will apply.

Click on the form for more information and a higher resolution graphic of the set.


Email your completed form to epollard@bsamail.org or fax to 405.840.1675

Jamboree Scouts, Venturers, leaders and staff will use a different form sent by email.

Production note: This design was completed before the May 19th and 20th, 2013 tornado outbreak.

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  1. Bless you all and keep strong Scouts!

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