Technology Quest at Jamboree

Below is some great information about the Technology Quest area that all Jamboree Scouts will visit. It sounds pretty amazing! 

Here is what they have to say about what they will bring to you at Technology Quest:

  • The Franklin Institute “Don’t miss The Franklin Institute’s Traveling Science Show’s team as they perform an exciting compilation of science demonstrations. See them make multicolor fireballs, suspend a beach ball in mid-air, experience super cold liquid nitrogen and watch a helium balloon inflate by itself!”
  • and “Take geocaching to the next level with clever cache camouflage and challenging hides to find. Meet the authors of the geocaching merit badge and see how YOU can use the sport to help Scouting! Enter to win a trackable 100th Anniversary GeoCoin!”
  • LEGO “Did someone say LEGO® robots? Come by the LEGO tent and be one of the first to try the all-new LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 – before you can even buy it!
  • Microsoft “Come experience the new Windows 8 laptops and Surface tablets!” Mountain View Solar “Learn about renewable energy and sustainability with Mountain View Solar and Goal Zero. Learn how solar panels react under different circumstances. We will address the differences in wiring the panels in (1) series vs (2) parallel, (3) the affect of different light angles on the panel, and (4) the affect of how shading different parts of the panel yields a different result.”
  • NASA “NASA Advances Science, Technology and Exploration: Scouts at Technology Quest will engage in hands-on STEM activities focusing on remote sensing, electromagnetic spectrum, the Sun and solar observations, air traffic, air foils, and much more.”
  • NASCAR and Team SLR “Attention NASCAR fans! Scott “Scotty” Lagasse Jr. and his NASCAR #8 BSA Chevy Camaro will have a strong presence at Technology Quest and will be joined by NASCAR as they share a behind the scenes look into BSA Racing. Scotty will be signing autographs, talking with Scouts, and sharing his experiences with campers. Scouts, get ready to start your engines!”
  • National Geographic “For 125 years, the National Geographic Society has proudly inspired people to care about the planet. As we set out on another 125 years, we invite YOU to join us at the Jamboree for an array of hands-on activities celebrating a New Age of Exploration.”
  • Parallax “For 25+ years Parallax has provided the electronics industry with high-quality robotics, revolutionary microcontrollers, a wide variety of sensors and a complete line of learning kits for beginners and educators. Our Boe-Bot robot is an approved platform for the Boy Scouts Robotics Merit Badge.”
  • University of Charleston School of Pharmacy ‘The University of Charleston School of Pharmacy’s Technology Quest tent will provide participants with hands-on opportunities to learn about, and how to help their fellow scouts who face an allergy or asthma attack. Scouts will view a simulation mannequin having a reaction to a bee sting or asthma attack, race each other at a quick recall station, compound mucus, and more!’
  • Virginia Bioinformatics Institute “With Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, scouts will be battling a virtual Zombie Virus spreading throughout the Jamboree population. To fight the Zombies and save humanity, the scouts must work together to vaccinate the population against the mutating Zombie Virus, using smart phones or provided wrist bands.”
  • West Virginia University “Solve the Crime! West Virginia University will bring ten forensic science learning activities representing six areas of forensic science to Technology Quest. Scouts will have the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge forensic science technology related to fingerprints, blood spatter, firearms, footwear, biometrics, and ALS (alternative light source) evidence detection.”
  • Technology Quest and WVU are also providing two Science Behind the Sport initiatives: West Virginia University is developing a web site for Scouts attending the Jamboree to appreciate the Science Behind Riding a Zip Line. Utilizing the equations on the web site, Scouts will be able to predict the maximum velocity of their ride. In addition, WVU will have an interactive display at High Gear that will address the Science Behind Cycling, providing Scouts with a better understanding of the intricacies of cycling.
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