How to Complete Your 2017 Jamboree Health Physical

The 2017 Jamboree physical relies on the same questions your are asked when you take your annual BSA Annual Health Medical Record.  This is essentially the same form you fill out annually for all scouting activities including summer camp.

What’s different is that in addition to filling out Parts A and B that you have in the past filled out by hand on paper or by PDF, you will also be filling one out online so as to interface with the Scout’s electronic medical record efficiently during the Jamboree.

You will be getting an email (likely titled 2017 Jamboree AHMR is NOW AVAILABLE!) giving you an access link and login username to begin filling out the Annual Health Maintenance Record (AHMR).  The login username is newly generated.  The username will be different than the username used to register for the Jamboree. This new username was added to enhance privacy of medical information.

Here is a summary of the steps.

  1. Download the latest BSA Annual Health Medical Record  and fill out Parts A and B.
  2. Login to your Jamboree registration using the link and login supplied by the email forthcoming.  Use the new username supplied with the link from the email. The password will be the same password you setup during your Jamboree registration. Answer completely the online questions asked which will follow what is asked in parts A and B of the paper form. Do not proceed to the Part C upload section until you have completed the next step.
  3. Beginning July 29 2016, Scouts, Leaders and Staffers may begin scheduling their physicals with a licensed physician (MD, DO), nurse practitioner or physician assistant. TAKE YOUR HARD COPY (PAPER) FORM OF PART C TO YOUR APPOINTMENT TO BE FILLED OUT by your provider.
  4. You will upload a scanned completed copy of your paper AHMR PARTS A,B and C online using the same jamboree reservation form/process you began in Step 1.  You have other documents too to upload (see Checklist of Documents to be Scanned below). Only PDF file formats are accepted.

Jambo AHMR Illustration 2017 mini with instructions

Tips on Scanning

You can scan using a dedicated document scanner, smartphone camera / app or have this done using an office supply / business center and saving them to a USB drive in your possession.

BSA AHMR Phone or ScanChecklist of Documents to be Scanned

  • Your completed Parts A through C AHMR paper copy
  • Your health insurance card (front and back)
  • The BSA Immunication Exemption Request form if requesting an exemption for immunization requirements.
  • Pages of any supplemental medical information needed to complete questions.  A physician’s statement further explaining a condition works towards the participant’s favor if a question arises (e.g. borderline BMI’s with otherwise good health, control of medical conditions, etc)

Health Insurance Card Scan sample

File Requirements

  • PDF format (jpeg and other file image formats are not accepted)
  • File name < 50 characters
  • Each page of every document should have the individual’s name and date of birth on it.

Forward Also to Your Jamboree Contingent Leaders

  • All documents should be sent to Jamboree contingent leaders as well for each troop / crew.  This is so they have the documents during travel with your participant.
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