Leader Application

The application to become a leader of a contingent Scout troop or Venturing crew involves the following steps:

  1. Fill out the  2017_NATIONAL_BOY_SCOUT_JAMBOREE-Adult-Intent-to-Lead-Application-Final-v2.
  2. Application for 3rd Assistant Scoutmaster (18 – 21 year old): 2017 3rdAsst.Scoutmaster_Application-NationalBSAJAMBO_Package

Unit Leader Qualifications – Boy Scout Contingent Troops and Venturing Crews

  • Serve as a Scout/Crew leader (Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, CrewAdvisor or equivalent youth leader with direct youth contact) for at least one year during the three-year period 2014 to 2017.
  • Have completed Basic Scoutmaster training, Boy Scout Fast Start, Outdoor Leadership Skills, and/or Venturing Leader Specific Training prior to applying for Jamboree Leadership positions.
  • Be current with Youth Protection Training prior to Jamboree contingent formation and recertify within the 12-months before the Jamboree.
  • Scoutmaster/Crew Advisor leader candidates must have completed Wood Badge training and have received beads by December 1, 2016. 1st Assistant and 2nd Assistant Scoutmasters must have completed Wood Badge classroom sessions and completed or be actively working their ticket.
    (Go to LFCWoodBadge.org for upcoming course dates)
  • Complete Jamboree Scoutmaster/Crew Advisor Training for the Last Frontier Council National Jamboree Committee.
  • Be able to serve as a role model of physical fitness with your BMI in line with the national standards.
  • Commit to recruit and retain a full 36-member troop/crew for the jamboree.
  • Encourage prospective junior leaders to attend National Youth Leadership Training, On Belay, or Kodiak training.
  • Work with the troop/crew committee comprised of parents of the youth in the troop/crew.
  • Commit to attend the entire Jamboree in July/August. Dates to be July 18-July 29, 2017 (Applications not accepted for leaders who cannot commit to the entire jamboree.)
  • Commit to hold jamboree troop/crew meetings on a regular basis.
  • If you have not been to a jamboree before, commit to “apprentice” with an “experienced” jamboree leader for six months.
  • Act as the adult advisor for one patrol in the jamboree troop.
  • File a Personal Health and Medical Record, class 3 (No. NSJ-34412-01) form with the council.
  • File “2017 Last Frontier Council National Jamboree Intent to Lead Application” for Jamboree Scoutmaster/Crew Advisor for review by the Jamboree Committee. Application is attached to this requirement document.
  • Application deadline is October 15, 2015 (edit extended from September 15, 2015). Submit application by email to lfcjambo2017@gmail.com
  • Questions, contact John Downs @ (405) 361-3577. If no answer, leave a message with your name and a good phone number and he will call you back.
  • Complete an interview with the Last Frontier Council National Jamboree Committee. Interviews are slated to be held in late October or early November, 2015
  • Be approved and formally invited to serve by the Last Frontier Council National Jamboree Committee.
  • Be approved by the Last Frontier Council Scout Executive (Scoutmasters/Crew Advisors).

Jamboree Fees

The Adult leader fee is projected not to cost more than $1,999.00 and will be the same as the youth participant fee. These figures are approximate at this time.  A scheduled payment process is normal to follow and helps to insure a participants are in good standing to attend.

Leaders apply and are selected by the council based on their experience, diversity and training.  The selection process is sensitive to make up a diverse leadership team of adults with diverse backgrounds that complement each others skills.  The council encourages both newly trained and veteran leaders to make up Scouting’s dream team.

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