Messengers of Peace – A Day of Service at the Jamboree

Jamboree double rainbow blog size

Venturers and Scouts spread scout spirit to the communities of West Virginia in a day of service as a double rainbow spreads it’s good cheer across the Jamboree on Saturday evening.

A day of service at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree allows youth participants to have a meaningful impact with service projects underway in the area.

Nearly 350 projects are underway ranging from brush removal, trail work, landscaping, stone wall repair and restoration of a small mine community and office that serves as a museum.

Scouts and Venturers from the Last Frontier Council are quoted in news articles being picked up around the nation. News outlets we know of so far picking up the story include:

Miami Herald

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Live Feed Jamboree Stadium Show This Saturday

A live feed will be available to watch Saturday’s Jamboree Show from the National Scout Jamboree. The fun begins at 2:00 PM central time (3:00 PM eastern) the main show starts 1 hour later.

Go to

Jamboree Arena

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Summit Wash Day

After a few days in camp, it’s time to clean and freshen up some clothes.  A popular in-camp wash method uses a 5 gallon bucket, some detergent, water and a plumbers helper.

Here’s one way to do it.

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Patch Trading at The Summit

There are official areas encouraging patch trading but nothing can stop the open air enterprise of a blanket set up along a path as these Scouts and Venturers did at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree.

Most trading occurs in the evening after programs, events and meals are concluded for the day.

Here’s a walk through one small area of the thousands of sites that set up like a free market bazaar.

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The Consol Energy Wingtip Bridge at The Summit

Experience a walk along the main flat span and the suspended paths of the new Consol Energy Wingtip Bridge premiering at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree at The Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve

This bridge connects Base Camps A and B with the Summit Center.

1080p video taken with an iPhone 5 and a Steadicam to limit shake, no post-video image stabilization used. This video was taken one day before the Scouts and Venturers arrived.

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See the opening Ceremony of the Jamboree Live

Streaming from the National Scout Jamboree today

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Our Emergency Preparedness Zombie Action Plan


Jamboree planning starts years in advance. Over the years we develop sophisticated plans which get revised and improve for the next Jamboree. We also plan for the unexpected. One contingency we have covered is our  emergency preparedness zombie action plan.

Your Jamboree leaders have been selected in part because of their experience in situations that:

  • They rescued Scouts and Venturers captured by zombies without any injuries.
  • Successfully eluded zombie situations by not leading their troop / crew into a corner with no hope of escape.

Venues at the Jamboree and What to Do if Attacked

Low & High Gear Mountain BikingJamboGears

Pick one of the 25 miles of trails and ride your way to a safe place.

Gain extra style points for jumping over one.

The PoolsJamboActivities-pools

Don’t dive with zombies in the area.

SCUBA tanks last 30 minutes and zombies don’t mind waiting until you surface.

And don’t try to conserve your air, it won’t work.

Zombie mothers make them wait 30 minutes after eating. They will eventually jump in to get you.

The CloudThe Cloud Icon

You can try to program the robotics to combat the zombies if you have enough lead time.

Head to QBSA to post an alert on FM radio and then to K2BSA to broadcast news of the danger to other member nations of the world scout movement via amateur radio.

The Zip Lines / The CanopyJamboActivities-zip

This issue is self-correcting.

Arms will fall off zombies due to load stresses if they decide to hang on to follow you down the line.

The Barrels or The BowsJamboActivities-barrelsbows

What are you worried about?

The RocksJamboActivities-rocks

Push zombie over the edge.

Don’t forget to yell “Rock!”

The ParkJamboActivities-park

Skateboards offer quick escape potential and can double as a club if needed.

Helmets acts to delay zombie gnawing to gain entry into your skull. You can use those extra seconds to get a second chance to escape.

Keep your brain bucket buckled on.

The RopesJamboActivities-ropes

Zombies have limited fine motor skills.

Use this to your advantage and climb up. Most zombies will entangle on the rope netting.

Jamboree staffers will then dispatch the zombies for not wearing required safety gear.

Console Energy Bridge


Be Prepared is our motto, the BSA thought of this while designing the innovative Console Energy Bridge.

If zombies are on the main traverse, you can take one of the two side suspension alternative paths to find a safe way across.

But What About at Night?

Zombies can travel day or night.  However camp safety policies say that everyone should be back at their unit campsite by 10:00 pm. If you see a wall of zombies approaching, go back the way you came and alert Jamboree security – If zombies don’t have a jamboree pass around their neck you can bet they will be kicked out.

Zombies Have Knocked Down All the Cell Towers

Retreat to base camp HQ WiFi zone and hope your FaceBook updates appear

More Zombie Safety Tips

  • Don’t leave “smellables” out in the open. This includes uneaten brain matter.
  • Prevent zombie bites – quite nasty infections have been reported.
  • Zombie snakes are possible. Look out for hidden zombie copperheads (just like real copperheads only their copper is tarnished to a gross turquoise green patina) as well as rattle snakes while at The Summit. Look out for the real ones as well.
  • Lyme disease is more common in West Virginia than where we come from and it is spread by deer ticks. They aren’t zombie deer ticks but if you get infected you’ll feel worse than a zombie for months or even years. Use bug repellent every day.
  • Help keep toilet facilities clean. See above advice about “smellables.”
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First View

This panorama sent by Dr. Paul Bicket this weekend shows a serene view of the Jamboree site.20130708-163055.jpg

Dr. Bicket is already on site and will serve as a deputy chief medical officer for the Jamboree.  Staffers begin to arrive later this week a few days before Scouts and Venturers.

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It is almost time!

After several years of planning the 2013 National Jamboree is now less than two weeks away with over 200 Last Frontier Council Scouts, volunteers and visitors planning to attend. They will be joining the 35,000+ other Scouts and visitors at the first Jamboree to be held at the Summit.

Are we excited–yes!

You can keep up with all the adventure here through the Council Jamboree Blog. Leaders and staff plan to provide some quick updates and notes from the field to help the folks back home get a feel of the all the fun taking place at the Summit.

This site also has links to various other connection opportunities including the Jamboree Facebook home and individual Troop Facebook pages. Heck, we even have a YouTube channel.

Stay tuned and get ready. The 2013 National Scout Jamboree is almost here.

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2013 Jamboree Council Strips Debut!


Click on image for larger version

For the first time, a collectors edition of eight Jamboree council shoulder patches (CSP’s) are available to collectors as well as Last Frontier Council Jamboree participants, leaders, staff.  This set is in commemoration of the 2013 National Scout Jamboree to be held at The Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia in July.

The theme for the 2013 Jamboree is reflects our motto “Be Prepared” with respect to Oklahoma weather.  Six custom CSP’s represents an element of Oklahoma weather seen by most of us: Lightning, wildfire, tornado, ice storm, flood and drought. Scouts have been there to offer assistance in helping their neighbors when disasters strike.

This collectors set includes a center back patch around which all 7 shoulder patches surround.

The center patch has a radar graphic pulled from radar data of the famous May 3, 1999 F5 tornado that struck central Oklahoma.  Weather symbols line the perimeter and match the motif of each CSP.

The wind turbine and oil rig depict the energy of our state.

Centered among the backpatch theme lies a special 75th anniversary Manu Lodge pocket flap patch.  Inside the red zone likes an hidden image of the American bison (the spirit buffalo) racing along – the totem of the lodge which is the name of our chapter in the Order of the Arrow.

This limited edition run has only 100 sets available for collectors.  Order yours today for just $99.99 plus shipping!  A maximum of 5 sets per person will apply.

Click on the form for more information and a higher resolution graphic of the set.


Email your completed form to or fax to 405.840.1675

Jamboree Scouts, Venturers, leaders and staff will use a different form sent by email.

Production note: This design was completed before the May 19th and 20th, 2013 tornado outbreak.

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